Game Offline - BattleHand MOD APK

Game Offline - BattleHand MOD APK - Hai Sob, selamat datang di Pada kesempatan kali ini saya akan berbagi sebuah game offline dengan sobat. Game kali ini berjudul BattleHand MOD APK. BattleHand merupakan game RPG dengan pertarungan dengan cara bergiliran. Dalam game ini Sobat akan mempunyai sekelompok hero yang siap untuk menyerang sekutu Queen Amethyst yang jahat. Banyak karakter yang bisa Sobat pilih di game ini, seperti ksatria, penyihir, pemanah, orang barbar, dan peri.

Sobat mempunyai banyak kartu, dan masing-masing kartu mempunyai kemampuan yang berbeda pada masing-masing karakter. Ada yang mempunyai keahlian dalam pertahanan dan ada juga keahlian dalam menyerang musuh. Keren bukan?...


Game Offline - BattleHand MOD APK
BattleHand MOD APK

Game Offline - BattleHand MOD APK
BattleHand MOD APK

Game Offline - BattleHand MOD APK
BattleHand MOD APK


BattleHand is a cutting-edge flagship from Kongregate. Its an online RPG game with strategic conflict gadget. It has all the 3-d components that an awesome RPG recreation requires like Gameplay, cool abilities and after effects, addictive war device, excessive resolution 3D photographs and most of all upgrading present day heroes or getting new heroes to pick out from many heroes. epic quests and epic dungeons go on a epic journey. kill hundreds of enemies on your way to end up a champion. Battlehand RPG is a small little sport but you could anticipate a massive thrilling a laugh in go back. most of all its a a freemium game you will sense like a premium game. you do not need to buy their IAPs due to the fact they will now not pressure you to achieve this. in recent times we've visible plenty of games that during a number of the part of that sport you must spend a few money to improve in the game or you may have to keep on with the speed of sloth yep. there are a few down elements as well this may be an awesome sport. however there are problems. A terrible stamina machine for one. experience gambling for five minutes after which having to attend hours before playing once more. It also takes a ridiculous quantity of time to liberate or improve on this sport compared to different games of the equal type. They dont run any unique occasions in reality either. No login bonuses. other than the artwork, the sport is just surely bland. properly it’s up to you what kinda recreation you're searching out a few upvotes are notable pics, epic approach gameplay, amusing cards to construct decks and prepare teams as you construct and grow. BattleHand is a freemium game however the usage of BattleHand MOD APK 1.0.6 you may have get entry to to effortlessly upgrade your heroes and get massive xp. BattleHand MOD APK for Android.

Game Info

Game Name : BattleHand
Version : 1.0.6
Requirements : Android 4.0 and Up
Mode : Offline
Format : APK


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